April 24th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

12 more months :D

I got my paid account, lotsa pretty new icons. Thanks Katie, the birthday gift means alot <33

God I am such a challenge whore. Not only do I have ItachiSasuke at 10hugs and NejiGaaraSasuke at thirtyforthree, but I now have DeidaraGaara at 7_deadly_sins_ and I picked up Sabaku no Gaara at an icontest naruto_songset. If I spoke in the second person I would be all *killj00ded* right now.

In other news; today was fucking hilarious. Erynn and I were high. HIGH. I think the crackified Gym air has begun to spread through the school. So yeah. *wo0*

Sorry for short and shit-tastic (OMG new word ♥) entry, but I had to formally complain about my idiocy and thank Katie (who I happened to have recently fallen in love with, if you people don't already know) for my paid account.

PS; World. Check out my icons. They pwn.