April 27th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

My brains, OH GOD!

So, I went through all 230+ of my LJ entries and gave them a new subject and icon. It only took away a few hours of my life. =[ But, I'm glad I did it, because the number thing was getting on my nerves.

You know what sucks? Having two fanfics, three fic challenges, and an icontest while trying to please everyone. Don't try this at home kids. It's frustrating *headdesk*

It's damn official; I have conformed Katie into a Narutard. And this makes me happy <33

In other news, Erynn is staying over tomorrow night. She wants to go over to Blake's place again; however, I don't have much desire to see his dick...again. I'm all for going but god, he's like your brother, see them once and you're satisfied ;D

I got more threatening mail from obsessive OOLM fans.

"God! When the hell are you gonna updaet! I've waited for like, a month! Damnit UPDATE OR I WILL KILL YOU!!!1"

People amuse me like that.

PS; I think of Gaara every time I hear this song.

PPS; Someone needs to make a DeiGaa community D: