May 3rd, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Woe is me; And all that jazz

I wasn't at school today. Because I have developed a throat issue. It's all I can do to breath. So guess what they gave me for it? An inhaler. Yep. I'm the new asthma kid. Even though I don't have asthma. Life just works out like that.

In my spare time I have become an icontest whore. ninja_stillness, kunoichi_stills, and naruto_chorus are my weekly bitches. :P

It's having a satisfactory effect, because my icon skills are beginning to get good. Especially since I finally discovered making and using myself textures and gradients might be influential ^^;

Anyway I have this new friend by the name of Adam. Of course, the day we met I was higher than I kite, so I left a really dorky impression on him, but whatever. Life's okay. He's cool, he crossdresses, and he carries around a metal lunchbox with Dorothy on it. And that, my sweet, loving, Internet friends, is awesome on so many levels.

I just read Chapter 305 raw at Naruto Manga Returns. No full on Sasuke yet, but many beautiful shots of his hair. His beautiful duck-butt hair. *strokes*

That's all in my life right now :D