May 8th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Misc. Awesome Stuff :D

There was another misfortune I forgot to mention in my last entry.

I have an internal ear infection. It's making some pretty weird noises. It fucking hurts. I hate being sick demmit D:<

In other news: I WON AT naruto_stills!! This is the first time I've ever won an icontest. *Does a little dance* It's in a new section of my UserInfo "Awards" if you're interested :D

Also the fabric of my very existance was ripped from beneath my feet yesterday. See, on one of my fics, I said whoever left the 300th review got a oneshot with the pairing of their choice. Well guess what she chose? NaruSasu. I suppose it could have been worse, like GaaSaku or KakaIru, or even worse SASUNARU. NaruSasu is and always will be slightly more bearable that SasuNaru, because SasUKE to NaruSEME is love. But god. It was agony writing it. Agony. So I made it pure angst. Emo!Seme!Naruto. I'm surprised with the result, my new beta-chan has it now anyways.

Oh and I drew some NejiIno fanart for the community neji_ino. It's not too good, not too bad. It didn't take me much time to do, so that's my excuse for the crappiness ><;;

( Fake cut to my Art/Icon/Fanfic journal, as always =] )