May 9th, 2006

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You know what really fails about Anime movies?

There are only two ways they can go. They can either be [A] One giant filler episode or [B] The end of the series. Either or, it's really saddening, but even more so when a good anime makes like, ten movies, and they're all two hour long filler eps. I HATE FILLER EPS D<


Anyway. I have to go back to school tomorrow even though I'm not fully better. In fact, I really haven't gotten any better since Sunday, and Sunday was my worst day. But either or, the parentals are forcing me to go back and act, you know, better, as if they have some sort of say in it. I can tell my mom is getting sick of me, which means I'm about to shoot myself in her presence.

Another random note:

We are reading "The Diary of Anne Frank" in Literature. I could rant about how boring and uninteresting it like half a million other closed minded teenagers before me have said, but honestly I like it. Stories about teenagers are addictive, which is probably why I like fanfiction so much, because I get to choose what I want for it to appeal too while inserting my favourite characters in it and such.

Speaking of fanfiction, I finished my NaruSasu fic. I hate NaruSasu -______-;;

I also went and read, like, all of the completed claims at 20_truths because I'm dead bored. Maybe someday I'll write one. But I have an assload of crap to do already, and I don't feel like taking on more so neh :P

One day I plan on getting a diary and it will be great. It will make everyone open to gay people and it will become a best seller, but I will be dead by then, so I will never be embarrassed. It will be a set number of years in my mildly deranged life and it will fascinate people for years and years to come. It will, in every since of the word, pwn.

Oh yeah, I'm also now a mod of naruto_icontest, so I'm doing my modolicious part and pimping it a wee little bit >33