May 13th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

So I cracked ^^;

Yay, Friday was so fun :D

We had a little dance, buffet, celebration thing for school and it was so much fun *___* Then I slept over at Erynn's pad afterwards. We did some hilarious shit.

I have so much homework this weekend. I should start. I should talk to Katie and then I should start. Because I'm starting to go on withdrawel.

Oh yeah I cracked for 20_truths. I had an uber hard time claiming anything, so I claimed three things ><; SasuIno, NejiIno, and TayuKin. I realize I probably shouldn't have claimed them all at once like that, but it sounds like so much fun xD

I'm not in a very good mood otherwise. I'm really tired.


<__< *runs away*