May 17th, 2006

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We got our Annuals today. It was the ritual hour while everyone runs around like idiots demanding cute little messages in the back of their books along with badly scrawled signatures. I, of course, happily participated. ♥

Katie+Babysitting+Witches = Funny shit.

I realized the flaw in the number of icontests I am. There are more of them than I have days in the week. I suppose since school will be soon over it won't matter much. But for real.

Speaking of icontests, I won again ^^; Check the unserinfo please <33

Oh yeah: I'm on a picture search. Ino (still with long hair) holding two kunai at about the height of her eyes with her arms crossed over one another. She looks very hot and confident. I WANT IT. Anyone know where I can find it? And don't say 'check animegalleries', I need a direct link kthxbai.

*skips off to make more icons*

Oh by the way: I really like this song. I'm considering taking a challenge at naruto_songset for it.