May 23rd, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Hmm...looks like sugar

I'm just updating to tell you a few things.

I'm going to England with Erynn tomorrow and will not be back until June 14th. I won't be on the computer much and no icons shall be made in said time. Could this be considered a haitus?

Piercing your ears yourself doesn't hurt, like, at all. SERIOUSLY. Painless shit right there. That was completely random compaired to what I just wrote but you need to know =]

I got top score on my writing assessment. I'd like to thank and Kishimoto for giving me a reason to practice and write. Yay for me!

Much love to you all~♥

[EDIT]It's my birthday in two days. Please drown me in gifts. I want to feel special.

(OTP: Sasu x Gaara
OT3: Neji x Sasuke x Gaara
Shoujo!OTP: Ino x Sakura
Het!OTP: Gaara, Sasuke, or Neji x Ino)