May 28th, 2006

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Mid-Haitus Update

Kukuku, my title was an oxymoron xD;

So after a long plane trip and some interesting adjustments I've sort of gotten used to living in Erynn's place. We dyed our hair, getting in a bit of trouble since apparently no one told the parentals, but otherwise still getting the job.

She's the cool one, she has barbie pink, I have anime black (you know, the kind with a blue shine?)

Anyways I refuse to check my Friend's list, it's too long, but when I get home and away from crappy dial-up internet I will be back to my comment-whory self ^^

I feel really bad for Erynn though, everything is so different here, some for better, some for worse, and I can barely understand it. She's the one moving there :[

And to all the buddies back in Tennessee: She misses you too.

And to all the internet friends I have now: I am suffering more than you. I CANT READ 308.

And to Katie: I love you, I miss you ♥