June 8th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Random update

Apparently I come home on the 12th and not the 14th. Oh and I also figured out how to change journal titles. Go here. And no, it's not at the customization pages -_-;;

Oh how I miss my Naruto and Photoshop so much. *wangst*

I also made some new communities even though I won't be pimping them anywhere but here until I get home. There's base_no_jutsu, A Naruto Bases community and ringu_stillness, a ringu/the ring icontest. Both are sort of on haitus but the info is filled out and such. If anyone wants to help me with either (preferably ringu stillness considering I'm in need of bannermakers and such) give me a shout out.

I'm still ignoring my friends page and comments, expect a flood around the 12th kay?

On a random note I sw X-Men 3 and The Omen in the past week. X-Men could have been better, The Omen was hilarious. I mean it. It was *hilarious* Go see it. In fact go see both of them. However, twice in the Omen I was like "...that looks a bit like Sasu-pant's curse seal...sasu-pants...*cries*..." I need more of Mr. Teh Sxerros.

Ichatell and Ellrohan: I'm very sorry I couldn't make it to London on Tuesday, we had to go on a freezing, rainy, Monday >___>;;

Much love to you all~ ♥