June 30th, 2006

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Welcome to Oshima High School, a Naruto AU roleplay. What's different about it versus other Naruto roleplay? Well, it's set in a modern day Japanese high school. Meaning all the kinks of bad uniforms, tight teachers, goodie goodies, and the all too occasional rebels. Basically: No Chakra. No kunai. And lots of realistic teenage fun~! This community is open to het, yaoi, yuri, and crack pairings, as long as you can do it in an in-character sort of way~♥

The high school is a school for the sports and arts, laying low on business and technology classes. Students from all over Japan who can raise the tuition take the boat out to Oshima to study there. Although there are no dignified dorms at the school there are many apartments and places to stay all over the small island. Oshima Island offers a wide spectrum of people, from the music majors of Oto to the visual arts majors of Iwa, and is a well-known school in today's world.


[Almost all the characters are free right now so get over there quick~!]