August 10th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

Basking in my lack of glory.

High School started. Great. I distanced myself from nearly everyone and stayed with Adam, Taylor, and Dillon the whole time. It was okay I guess. But my mother got severely pissed at me when she found out I didn't stand up during the pep...thing. I don't really care. ~___~;; Either way today was pretty descent. I've established a good relationship with two people, even if they aren't who I used to hang with.

My classes are craptastic though. In my first semester I have History, Science, Principals of Business, Keyboarding, and Study Skills. Yes. Five. They suck. And in second I have Algebra, English, Theatre, and Art.

I realized today I am not looking forward to more schooling for any reason. And that's kind of sad. It's good to have some sort of attachments to school, whether it be friends or certain classes, or anything...but I have no attachments. God I am so emo. ~.~