September 9th, 2006

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DOWN. DOWn. DOwn. Down. down.

I finally got a new layout! @__@;; I have needed one for so long, and finally I just gave up and used the one for my Neji RP journal. It's very distracting if you haven't seen it 60 times already. He has a very pretty stomach. Oh yes >3

I also redid my userinfo. It's nice now. Nic(er) anyways.

I 'broke up' with Taylor, if you can constitute what we were doing as 'going out'. It didn't feel right. And it was one of the very few times where someone touched me and I didn't like it. So, I broke up with him. Bitchy? Yeah. Probably. I'm not the nicest person you'll ever meet by any stretch of the imagination.

On a less depressing note, I'm doing well in school.

My first period is World History with Mrs. Smith. The class is so easy to manage. As long as one takes the notes and does the work, they will not get a C. So far I have a borderline A. My grade average is a 91.99 and I am not kidding. I am 1.01 away from an A. How annoying. But I have plenty of time to pull it up before my first report card. The teacher herself is pretty cool. I mean, I totally hate history, in all honesty, and I was dreading having the class so damn early in the morning, but it seems pretty bearable.

My second period is Business Principals with Mr. Cope. That class. Homg. It is so easy. All you do is take notes and tests. We take three tests a week. Easy tests. @_@ <3 I have a 98 or something, and best of all, the teacher doesn't give two shits about what you do. We can listen to CD players, eat breakfast, and play videogames during class as long as the work gets completed. The content of the class is unbearably boring. Business? Standard of living? Do I care? No. Honestly. No. XD But it's an easy A.

My third period is Biology with Ms. Peterson. Well. It was Ms. P until she decided to leave us for a neck surgery. This class makes me sob. There are a bunch of football players that, while they're very funny, are seniors and complete idiots, making it absolutely impossible to learn anything with either Ms. Peterson or the idiotic temp she left us with for the next fortnight while she recovers from her surgery. Not only that, but the tests are amazingly hard. I barely have a B and totally failed the last test. ;_; I need to work harder.

My last period of the day is Academic Orientation with Mrs. Johnson. Most of you will have no idea what the fuck AO even is. It's freaking Freshman Orientation, and it's required. I hate it. They teach us how to take notes. And study. And other pointless lessons such as that. I have a solid A in the class thusfar, but our teacher...~___~;; She's fucking psychotic. AO depresses me alot. They even had a self-esteem test. Okay. Wow. The highest mark was a 40, which meant you were totally comfortable with yourself. Lowest mark was a 10. Which means you're fucked up. Basically, if you got a 10-19 you were chronically depressed. I scored a 13. I was the only kid in class who got lower than a twenty.


Aside from the downfalls, High School hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. No one's attacked me yet, which is more than I can say for alot of the freshman, but I can deal. I know my way around the school, and for all intents, I don't really look like a freshman. Thank god.

Woah. Long entry. *blinks*