September 27th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

I am a fan and a girl. Hear me roar.

Think of your favorite fanfics off the top of your head, only ten at max, and they need to be ones you think of immediately, not after browsing your favorites list of Provide links to each fic, and tell us why you like them. Tag Seven People

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That was fun. Taaaaaaging besame, stakeh, chronophobe, zanypomegranite, bubble, futurefreaked and mogurachan

I adopted Future's Pop Songs for us Rejects. That fic is just too good to have die. Though I figured someone cooler than me would be the one to try and save it >_O

Good luck to meeeee.

Just as well, I adore Placebo. I mean, I've liked them okay for awhile, but after I got off my fat ass and bought Meds...zomg. Fangirlism. *_* That band inspires me to WRITE! *flails*

I have also just realized I am next to obsessed with writing smut. x_x;