October 3rd, 2006

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I got the new Evanescence CD today. Opening-motherfucking-day. It is a happy day. I have been anticipating this for way too damn long. It's a fucking awesome CD and I don't give a shit if you say that Evanescence is crappy emo music. I am so sick of people telling me this. Can you not understand this term "I. Don't. Care."? :D?

What else do I have to say? Go check out my house, yo.

I would also like to say that oshima_high, ourabsinthehaze, and thecityofdevils are awesome. The death of them, if it ever happens, will make me very sad. Especially TCOD. Because, fuck, I get to do SasoNeji. And Oshima...dramatic as things have been there recently (much to my dismay >|) is still awesome on too many damn levels. There is too much awesomeness for drama to devour. As for Absinthe...well. All my JM lovlies, or almost all of them, convene there. *_* ♥

Hmm. I think I'm going to buy more userpics. I'm a userpic whore. And I have developed a really hardcore obsession with J-rockers as of late. Especially Shinya-chan *___* Dir en Grey and Gazette have been the object of my merciless fangirlism. In fact, all the ones I really like are so girly they might as well be chics. Beautiful. Japanese. Rockstars.

*falls over*

Mom's been being hell lately. I mean, really, really bad. I found somewhere to vent though, so I don't have to vent on you guys. Trust me, you wouldn't want it =___=;;;

Mm. I should go work on some things. Toodles.