October 14th, 2006

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Kiss me like you mean goodbye, said the spider to the fly.

Ew. Final and Midterm Exams suck. They were easy though, but that many tests in one day can take a goddamn tole. Ugh.

However, my school came up with this thing, 'Fall Break', even though we only had fall for a day and then it was winter -_-; But, oh my god. I have nine days to write smut in my pyjamas and go on another henious diet before I have to go back to class. Nine days. I have needed this break for too long *_*

Just as well, NO MORE ACADEMIC ORIENTATION! I hated that class. They tried to teach freshman how to be mature, take notes, and study. It was just...not cool. But I'm done! When I get back after break I start keyboarding in it's place. *snort* Keyboarding. That'll be easy. I can type really damn fast when I have good motivation. Like fanfiction or smut &hearts

Katie's power went out :( Buffalo's gone straight to a frozen-over hell, which depresses the fuck out of me because not only can I not talk to her, because, I mean, the power's gone, so once her cellphone dies, it's dead, but also...this means I probably won't be able to come this winter. It's only October, and we were planning on coming around Winter break, who knows what it will be like then if there's two feet of snow and no power now?!


Aaaaaaaaand maybe this is just some crazy cold-front and the worst isn't yet to come. :) I'll stick with that thought, it's damn peachy-er.

Mom needs to keep a constant supply of dramamine around the house. I *love* this shit. Very relaxing. Maybe I should have taken some yesterday. I wouldn't have been so nerve-racked about the tests, after all. But then again, no. Depending on how many pills I took I would be all over the place. *14 year old without a high drug tolerance*

I think I'm going to finally get around to downloading Serina's Kimimaro playlist before I get on aim today. Alas *__*


I couple of days ago when I was skipping AO I was in the bathroom and pulled out my ballpoint pen and drew this elaborate design on one tile. It was mostly cobwebs, spiders, and flies shaped like naked women, and then there was the line 'Kiss me like you mean goodbye, said the spider to the fly' from this song, right? In the corner of the tile, I wrote 'For Kat, Love Ino' and just giggled like a lovesick retard. A few days later, and I knew this was going to happen, DYKE was written over it in big black sharpie.

I died laughing.

EDIT 2: I want a new layout >/ NEW LAYOUT :D :D :D

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