October 21st, 2006

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Losing her virginity and all her will to compromise.

Okay. Um. Yes.

This morning as I was walking my dog, a car drove past me and a few boys stuck their heads out the window and started screaming at me. I recognized them from middle school, but I don't know if they're in eighth, ninth, or tenth grade now. Having some strangers scream 'BURN IN HELL, PUSSYSUCKING DYKE.' is not really the way I want to start the day. By the time I got home, I found a ripped bible on my doorstep and 'dyke' written all over the pages.


...that constitutes as a hate crime, right? /._.\


Hey everyone? Apply for oshima_high. It's active as fuck but lacking in vital characters. We don't even have a Sakura. =.=


Happy birthday Katie ♥ I hope you get your gift...eventually. >___>;


Bad mood.

Icon suits me.