October 27th, 2006

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Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.

Titanic has this amazing way of making me bawl. Fuck. I mean, that movie, it makes me sob. Everywhere. I'll probably have hickies on my arms because I was sucking on them so I wouldn't totally sob in front of him and...shit. My face = shit.


I have been sick lately, and school = *death*, so I am sorry if I have been in delay of your post. (This goes out mostly to Husband and Sasu-chan 3:) I am very sorry. As soon as the weekend hits, I'll be back on track, PROMISE :D~


Ew. Vomit. *dies a few times* That's the reason I decided to watch Titanic, and will probably go make some icons of those guys in the quartet. Those guys were amazing. I worshipped them.

Anyways. SICKNESS. I don't know what I have, but I'm very tired and bitchy and quiet and emotional, and before you ask, no, it is not my motherfucking period. Periods don't equal fevers, nausea, dizziness, headaches, and vomiting, thank you very much. x___X As well? I've lost all care whatsoever in school. Bad Morgan. Bad Morgan. Go die in a fire, Morgan.


World History: A
Business Principals: A
Biology: C
Academic Orientation: B

For History Midterm: 192 (A)
For Business Midterm: 97 (A)
For Biology Midterm: 82 (C)
For AO Final Exam: 90 (B)


In MUSIC news...

I am fucking obsessed with the GazettE. I liked them before, but now? I'm obsessed. I'm reading fanfiction for god's sake. Someone stab me, real people are becoming a fandom. Because unlike the Dir En Grey fanfiction, the GazettE stuff is actually good >_> So yes. 8D

I got three new records the other day. THANK YOU TARGET GIFTCARD, MMYES.


My Chemical Romance -- Welcome to the Black Parade: If you people make fun of me for this there will be blood. Yes. I like this band. They are the butt of every joke revolving around the stereotypical emo kid, BUT FUCK THAT. They're a fairly decent band. And this record is pretty damn good. It's got a more classic rock sound to it than the last one. More fun. Less wangst. The song Teenagers is really good. It's like, a cheerful song about how violent and impulsive teenagers scare the shit out of him. :D I adore xD


Snakes on a Plane -- The Album: Yes. I got the SOAP soundtrack. I had heard it was good, and went in mostly because it was marked down cheapo and it had some cool remixes. The result? A fairly decent record. There's some really crappy stuff on there and there's some fairly good stuff, but my favorite track, by far, was The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage (Tommie Sunshine Brooklyn Fire Remix) by Panic!At the disco. I'm not really a P!ATD fan, their music started to burn, but this remix is so fun and synth-y. I adore it. *_* Some of the bands on the album, like Gym Class Heroes and Fallout Boy, make me want to put a gun to my head, but otherwise this was worth my money.


Three Days Grace -- One X: Mm. This is a good record. TDG starts off with some of my least favorite terms, such as 'tears inside' and 'dying within' in the first song, but DAMN, the first song was probably the worst! As it moved on through jams like Pain, a borderline emo but surprisingly good jive, and Animal I Have Become, which is just sexy, as a sound, I start falling in love with it. I haven't gotten to listen to this album as much as the others, but if they sound as good as the first half of the album did (under heavy listening) then I definitely recommend it to you *_*


This is such a tl;dr entry isn't it? XD;

To all the people who tagged me for that meme: CLICKHEREDOLTS.

I swear, I got tagged ten times after I posted that entry. I counted =_=;;

I think I'm skipping school tomorrow. Fuck class, I don't care about it for shit, this week has been nine layers of hell, and I don't have the energy. There is the small issue, of course, that I live in a suburbia and cannot drive, so I wouldn't have anywhere to go except hide out in the woods in the freezing winter October air, but you get the idea...