October 29th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr


I got a new Velvet Acid Christ record *___* I man I swear, this week has been all about the music. I made a bunch of music-based icons too. Mostly textless. Textless icons are not bases. They will never be bases. My bases don't abuse gradients, goddamnit -.-; The style I used is one I'm not really all that used to, but meh.

The breakdown:

{The Ring}
Rachel x 3
Rachel and Aidan x 1
Cursed trees x 2
Aidan's art x 1
{Emo boys...?}
Making out XD x 2
Amy Lee x 5
{Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids}
Marilyn Manson x 6
{The gazettE}
Aoi x 1
Aoi & Uruha x 1
Kai x 2
Reita x 2
Ruki x 2
Uruha x 1
{Demon Diary}
Raenef x 1
Kikyou x 1
Suicide Girls x 1
Grapefruit x 1
Chii x Dark Chii x 1

( ...so like, the verb form of fake-cut is fake-cutting, right? *gigglesnort* )

A friend of mine wanted to get the feel of how I make this style of icon...

Should I write a tutorial?

Ew, no! Your icons SUCK.
No, your icon style is really easy to figure out.
Sure, I want to learn new icon techniques.
Totally! I love your graphics!
Sure, if it'll shut you up.