November 6th, 2006

{ x japan ; hide } princess

The hardest part of this is leaving you.

So, actual update instead of angry babbling:

I wrote my tutorial for mujakinotsubasa, who asked for it, since a good percent of you voted for me to make one. It's not that good, but tsh, who's being a critic? x-x; If anyone's interested, here you go. It's a Shinya tutorial, and my style's fairly easy to understand, sorry ^^;

NaNoWrImO will never get done at my rate. *envies ariake* I'm moving so slowly. But at least I have a decent plot :o

Still not getting my LJ notifications. *stabs* That's really annoying. Especially since the toga party at Oshima is going to mutilate my inbox when they all come. >_O; SPEAKING OF OSHIMA~ Lamb made a video. *_* A video for my RP CHILD. *holds her*

I also want to round up the layouts I've made and make a post with the codes, probably private, but for future reference. I want the codes Dx They're hard as fuck to write and I do it all myself. That's why my layouts are so simple; they take forever and I don't have the patience to write sidebars and shit. In fact, I got tired of my SasuIno layout fast, so I picked up some one LJ had in their style contest. It's. SO. CUTE. *cuddles it*

Like this icon. It's like, 31 flavors of adorable. I love X Japan. *_*

As for school? It's been meh, as always. Gabby, Gina, and Starr are trying too hard to be my friends. Gabby told me if I didn't start eating more she'd report me to the guidance councelor. *sniggers* They don't care shit about students, so what would they do? Even if, by some chance, they called me to the office, I'm hardly some super skinny girl, so they'd prolly thing I've got weight to lose and send me on my merry way.

Reality's cute ♥

In news of the sleepover, we spent 24 hours in my room or downstairs, watching movies and eating instant-bake cookies that tasted like heaven with milk. In regards to films, they were Rose Red (old favorite) and Grease at night, then in the morning we tried to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I was too zoned out to think and it was an old tape so the quality sucked. Other things happened, and I slept in someone's arms for the first time since last year at one of Erynn's sleepovers. Kayleigh's very touchy-feely, but in a totally friendly way, she's dead straight.

Speaking of sexual orientation. I'm not really sure, but I can pretty much say I'm a lesbian. Why? Because every physically or emotionally intimate moment I've had with a guy has been crap. I can't attach to them in either of those regards, and plus, guys break hearts as quickly as they drop names. This excludes some, of course, but it seems like the ones I attract are crap. Girls, however, are emotionally aware and always seem to be really good at kissing. They're attractive, curves are hot, and well, guys aren't curvy. Most of them. I could babble on about it, but I'd figure not to.

So yes.

*has still not come out to parents yet*
*...never will, at this rate*


This song made me cry.

It was on Friday, I was sitting in my Business Priciples class with my headphones on, listening to the song, and my god, the second he said Baby, I'm just soggy from the Kemo. I just quietly started to cry. I never really made noise when I do, but my eyes get really bloodshot and the tears almost stain my face. Little lines. I don't wear makeup or anything, so there's nothing to streak, but somehow, my face gets stained. Jeremy - a sexist, homophobic bastard who sits next to me, was like ":O! WTF?" and I was like "...*thisismyscaryface*" This song really is beautiful. Even if you aren't a fan or anything, go download it or something, it's nice.

Speaking of cancer.

My dog had her surgery today. :( She's been unconcious for awhile. Mom's bawling her eyes out and dad's trying to console her upstairs. Eh. I'm a bitch, really, I don't care about my dog and I don't care about my mom. Maybe this is a phase.

I keep remembering and then forgetting a second later about something I want to tell you guys about. I hate it when that happens. =___=; BUT. In totally unrelated news, Stacie and I are insane. Right now, we are doing ItaIno, ItaShi, GaaSasu (maybeh?), SasoDei (if she wants to continue), and, with the help of sweet Panda-sama, GaaItaSaso smuts. You know what the pattern is? I'm almost always the uke. *is Ino, Shisui, Sasuke, and the second Sasori* She flatters me in telling me I play a good Sasori :3

OH I JUST REMEMBERED. Kayleigh is going to draw me GaaSasu porn. *_* I'm not even kidding. She's so good at drawing, I'm psyched. Y hallow thar OTP. Hao ya b? x3

Okay. Post. Too long. Over now.