November 9th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr


I've been drawing. :o

Deidara x Tayuya WTF

Title: Kiss me Deadly (WOO DIR EN GREY *shot*)
Rating: PG13 ♥___♥
Subject: Deidara and Tayuya of Naruto making out on a couch 8D
Comments/Notes: Yes. Deidara x Tayuya. Why, you may be asking, could I possibly be shipping something as crack as DeiTayu? Several reasons. It's hot. I mean come on. It's really bloody hot. Another reason? Oshima High. It's not a crack RP, it's a serious high school based Naruto RPG I started a while back, and it makes DeiTayu cannon. Along with some other hot pairings one would usually consider complete crack. I love you aradiantsun

This is thanks to Lamb. Itachi-mun. tsuzukinoai. She made a video for my RP. A VIDEO. A freaking OAV. FOR MY RP.I was so so so happy that I knew I had to show my repayment. (I was originally going to draw porn, but I couldn't seem to get my hand to work properly =_= ) So, I came up with this. Dei and Tayu. Kissing. :3 I know it's not quite the normal anime style, but we all need to face it, I CANNOT FUCKING DRAW ANIME ART. *shreads hair* So I pulled up photoshop, broke out the tablet and some resources (i.e. Pictures of Tayu, Dei, and people making out) and set to work. Several days later. I have this. :] I love you Lamb ♥

(And btw. Song title is a reference to lyrics by Dir En Grey. Deidara's model is Shinya of Diru. >_> Get it?)

Itachi x Shisui WTF

Title: Heaven's a Lie
Rating: PG13 to R...
Subject: Itachi and Shisui. Kissing. Shisui's wrist is slit. Un. >>;
Comments/Notes: For tsuzukinoai and fujiappletan. I love you ladies. You guys make Itachi x Shisui porn pretty AND cannon. (Oshima High FTW) I had fun with this one. Lots of color. RAINBOWS PLUS SHISUI WITH A SLIT WRIST EQUALS WOW ♥

I'm really tired. I can't ramble much about this. (Title reference to a great song by Lacuna Coil that reminds me of UCHIHACESTFTW)

EDIT: MY GOD THIS LOOKED BETTER AN HOUR AGO. DX THEIR KISS WAS SO SEXY BACK THEN. I hate time. I hate Itachi who lets himself get cut out of fanart. I hate Shisui DAMNITALL.