December 5th, 2006

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr


Well. My weekend was pretty good. :) I got a cellphone, which I, of course, dropped into the toilet a day after I got it XD But the phone is okay and I finally figured out how to do AIM Mobile on it. That was confusing x_x; It does the words rather strangely. But I talked to Shino and Kiba last night and spent my parent's money buying Marilyn Manson and Madonna ringtones ^^;

I wrote so many drabbles *_* I had like, AN ASSSLOOOOAAADDDD of requests, so over the next few days I'll steadily be posting them on my fic journal. The pairings are so cracked. I adore stakeh and her fucked up choices ♥ Click me :D I contain sex! I contain sandcest! I contain het?! I CONTAIN GAARA UKEING TO A HYUUGA?! ...I contain...DeiNeji. o_o (You know you want to click that, hoyes.) I got s'more to type, among them incluing crazy shit like IbikiNeji (HA HA HA ILU KEEBS), OroSaso (*_* Sasori ukeee), and SasuIta (HELLA YEAH DOMINATION. Because the only thing better than a uke Sasuke is a uke Itachi *_*)

Guess who's in a fantastic mood right now, no matter what the Ouija board said? (._. According to it, my future is about to get nice Not dark. Just black.) I'm in a great mood :D :D

OH. The guidance councelor is calling me in to schedule my classes around for Peninsula. Basically, the deal is that whenever I'm at Peninsula, I'll be missing my two arts classes, because "art is something you don't have to catch up on" or something. While I'm at school, I'll be taking Algebra (So help me Jesus x_x;) and English (*sparkles*)

*__* I love you all. (Oh my god, Period Mood Swings are amazing ♥)

I've been listening to this song for days. o_o;