March 10th, 2007

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr

You've got a gun to your head;

Okay. So apparently I'm even more fucking retarded than I originally assumed. I broke my ankle, again, and now I'm pretty much cursed to be bedridden and have my computer time cut even more. That is, be bedridden when I get home from my elevatorless school ~__~ Well, technically, we have an elevator, but it's reserved for teachers and wheelchairs. Half my classes are upstairs, which means I have to crutch-shimmy to them, and I am not excited. u_u; Ara. Funny, really, it's the fault of my teachers that my ankle is broken, for the weight, approximately sixty pounds, of work and textbook is what caused this causality to occur. Fuck it =_=;

Once again, I haven't checked my friend's page in like... two weeks. Nor have I read Naruto in a while, nor have I been watching the anime. I've been drowning myself in writing and schoolwork, and I would like to watch the anime and catch up with the manga, but I know for a fact that I'll continue to be busy for a while. Damn.

In other news! I have a new layout! It's fucking beautiful. It features Kimono!Uruha and Aoi from the GazettE *__*;;; It's so amazing. As well? New userinfo layout :D It features my beautiful but crackish OTP, Itachi x Sasori. I'm going to edit more on the content of the info in the later, but for now, just go gawk at it. It's fucking gorgeous. My journal layout is by chmclfairytales and my userinfo layout is by the lovely ladies at shihitsu :3 Go check 'em ♥

Also, should I go friend's only? It's bothering me a bit, lately ._.