March 22nd, 2007

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Stacie and I finished our eighty page Itachi/Shisui porn. It's four parts @_@; Please go read it. One. Two. Three. Four. You know you want to ;3

For any Diru fans on my F-List: At oshima_high, I was writing Sasori's poems for Literature, and I had inspiration to write one where... well. You'll know when you see it. It's very centered around Sasori's twisted little relationship with Tayuya and Deidara, as well as the Akatsuki. Readplz.

Dear In Grey

Between the sheets taste a honey and saliva
On her face is a concentrated mask
Around his body is a cage of something
And here they are; mazohysts of decadence

She’s a crazy pink killer in a bubblegum dress
In the bottom of death valley where she lies angrily to rest
And he’s a zomboid of fire and spark
Just the embryo of strike it up
Undecided, unrequited
24 Ko Cylinder guns in the dark
She ain’t no pretty Jessica

And who is the deity in the relationship?
I am the Egnirys Cimredopyh (an injection)
And it’s all just a macabre picture of sex
A poisonous berry glutted upon in her kiss
Audrey? Audrey?! She’d have a fit
And just leave me alone, don’t wake me

What has she created; Aoi tsuki, without the blue?
Just a corpse in the garden, the butler always does it
Just a boy with a match to erode on the floor
S plus hit

She’s a pretty little thing, in the rain with no umbrella
And my child(children?), god damn it in hell where it lies
Hades is where we are nonetheless
Mr.NEWSMAN? There’s a dog on your tail!
We’re all so fucking ugly

She’s a clever little one in her sleazoid way
With her friends and her lies buried with a vengeance
Just a Pledge, “DAMN ME TODAY”
The deeper vileness of what we could have been
She and I and he; rotting in the roots
She and I and he; wallowing in grief
The damned agitated screams of maggots in our heads
Heads between legs, moans, disabled complexes
The repetition of hated
The fatal believer

She drinks it all too fondly; the marmalade chainsaw
And if I increased blue and decreased red, would it feel…
This new age culture of fuckups taste good
Amber eyes, crimson hair, this is me, fuck me
A child’s prey
Drain Away
It’s all just Red… (em) In the end

She needs that umbrella for the rain of insults
His fire is burning, (ash! ash!) and we all fall down
He sure seems jealous

The beautiful dirt where he’s pressed into
The spilled milk she’d never cry over
We are a merciless cult of psychotic teenagers
I am Garbage
A dead tree
No moisture from rotting, just dead, and that is The Final

And I ain’t afraid to die.

Yeah >_>

As for life? I'm fucking sick, as usual.


• Leelee's GaiLee fanfic
• Coding Sasu-chan's D.Gray man layout (WOOT HEADER IS DONE.)
• Rin's DeiTayuDei picture
• Brigette's NC-17 Oshima!GaaHaku fanfic
• Lyn's Kannazuki no Miko layout
• Coloring Ranka
• Coloring Sasu-chan's ItaShi fanart
Post all those damned icons DONE.
• Finish ItaSaso log @ Oshima
• Finish very overdue SasoTema log @ Oshima
• Finish DeiTayuSaso log @ Oshima
• Finish DeiShi log @ Majutsu
• Finish ItaGaaShi log @ Majutsu
• Finish ItaSaso log @ Majutsu
• Get Sasori more involved @ Majutsu
• Stop moaning upon realization of how much crap I need to do



There's a boy that likes me. It's very obvious, and rather unsettling, because he's two years older than me, a homophobic, and sort of shallow. He's funny, though, and he's kind to me, but hot damn e_e I don't want anyone (aside from her) liking me. Plus, I'm terrified for the day he confesses to me, because what will I be able to say? "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't swing your way, but can we be friends?" Goddamnit.

And guess what else? Erynn's coming on the 31st. Not only is she coming. SHE IS STAYING AT MY HOUSE. FOR A BIT OVER A WEEK. HELLXYEAH BITCHES. I am so happy *_*


It has to be fate, sweet Christ.

And I ordered a porn doujin :D SasoDei "Otosukimi" (Hellyeah.)