March 31st, 2007

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr


Erynn's coming over today. I lied to this guy, Ryan, and told him she had already been here a week to get out of going to his house. He's the one who crushes on me. Unrequitement is cruel. Anyways, she should be showing up today. I got all of my shopping out of me, however, and that's needed good. My list includes..

- Andy Warhol T-Shirt
- Cake record "Comfort Eagle"
- Dir En Grey 5 Ugly kingdom DVD
- Dir En Grey record "The Marrow of a Bone"
- "Kana can be easy"
- Miyavi record "MYV POPS"
- Miyavi record "Miyaviuta"
- Miyavi record "-miyavism-"
- Miyavi record "Galyuu"
- Naruto manga volumes
- NIN Beside You in Time DVD
- Otosukimi (Sasori x Deidara Doujinshi)
- Souxsie T-shirt

^^; I didn't go crazy, no. It was 120 dollars stfu.

My mom's been stressed lately. And taking it out on me, as usual. I haven't been on the computer a lot because of it, instead I've been painting and drawing. DA is spammed with my new stuff. Check me out? Yeah, I'd appreciate it. ♥

I may be able to go on a free trip to Japan. Let's all squeal in chorus here. I'm done with my essay, profile sheet, and video. Done with it all. Turning it in on Monday, and the max due date's Wednesday. The teacher who coordinates it is fucking scary @_@ But I don't care. None of her shit is gonna scare me off. I'm going if I can D< That would be, what, third summer in a row out of America? I'm way too lucky. Traveling seems to be the annual make-up for all the discord of the year.

Not much else to discuss. I'm not going to be on the computer a lot next week.