May 23rd, 2007

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Ain't no other girl but you


Detailed account of yesterday:

[ m o r n i n g ]

Woke up. Cough/hacked/etc. Made some Pumpkin Bread and watched three or four X-Files episodes in a row. Wasted away the morning on my couch. Never ate the bread. Burned it a little. Didn't go to school. Never planned to. Enjoyed the time I had being sick as much as I possibly could.

[ l u n c h ]

Continued to starve myself.

[ w o r k ]

Showed up. Finished CBTs. Bagged things. Made lots of mistakes. Bagged more things. Made more mistakes. Pushed a cart for some lady. Talked to her. Got a tip. Bagged more. Went on break. Bought a Sprite. Drank it. Went back to work. Bagged. Pushed carts. Helped out another n00b once I stopped fucking up. Thought about fandom. Feet got tired. Mouth got sore from smiling. Clocked out. Went home.

[ h o m e ]

Got on computer. Talked to Lamb for a couple minutes. Got off computer. Watched more X-Files. Took a shower. Straightened my hair. Got back on the computer. Realized I had no interest in talking to anyone. Got off computer. Watched more X-Files. Admired Mulder. Admired Scully. Took medicine.

[ b e d t i m e ]

Got in bed. Waited for Lamb to call. Stacie called. Talked to her for an hour. Lamb called. Talked to her for a minute. Got tired. Said goodbye and dropped the phone on the floor. Went to sleep. Stayed asleep. For once.

As for today?

Ignored the use of any kind of First Person in a First Person journal. Lawlz.

I took my exams. They were batshit easy. *_*


June: Stacie comes *____*
July: I go to Florida <3__<3

Things are looking up :]