June 13th, 2007

{ naruto ; kyuubi } rawr


If I know you even remotely well, I have a song that reminds me of you~ ♥ I started writing this meme AGES ago, so my thoughts on you have probably changed by now, for better or worse.

4ever_sleep All About Us x t.A.T.u.
atomicochre The Bad Bump x Johnny McGovern Podcast
besame Liar, Liar x Alexz Johnson
blacknymph We're In This Together x NIN
bloodnblack Hurt x NIN
blooming_cosmo Forbidden Love x Madonna
brooke_jeremy Ruder x The GazettE
bubble tome to juri x Miyavi
chibi_bunny123 I Love Rock n Roll x Britney Spears
chronophobe X Files Theme x Blue Man Group
closemyeyes____ The Right Man x Christina Aguilera
cracked_shield Slut x VAC
elleestlimonade Obscure x Dir En Grey
ellrohan Crash x Gwen Stefani
emopointsforyou Ugly x Dir En Grey (... Just the song title ♥)
fujiappletan Rokudan x Nanae Yoshimura
futurefreaked Sick Little Suicide x The Matches
hohleleben Mortal Kombat Theme
imaparamedic Send My Love to The Dancefloor x Cobra Starship
jabberwocky999 Farewell x Shigeru Umebayashi
jordo91 All Star x Smash Mouth (XD)
kerilu Hung Up x Madonna
kokorokas Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me x Akira Yamaoka
roll_soul Jesus of Suburbia x Green Day
ladygith Breaking the Habit x Linkin Park
lazynin 2.07 x MUCC
liniichan What's This x Fallout Boy
mercurychaos Before I Forget x Slipknot
mujakinotsubasa My Immortal x Evanescence
nayamashiimigot Sex Disease x VAC
nefarian Speed of Sound x Coldplay
peace_piper Summerland x Everclear
perkygothiam Rock the Casbah x The Clash
pirated_pie Sex and Candy x Marcy Playground
princess_emmi Beautiful x The GazettE
propertyofgaara Umbrella x Dir En Grey
pyro_dreams Teenagers x MCR
qfrodrincubus85 Red Lights Indicate The Door Is Secure x Arctic Monkeys
ransomed_heart Should I Stay or Should I Go x The Clash
rockchick_101 Holiday x Green Day
synthetyk Love Me For Me x Ashlee Simpson
samara_morgan_7 Autumn Sorrow x Hideo Osaka
shadhahvar Still Dirrrty x Christina Aguilera
spork_ai March of the Pigs x NIN
stakeh Only x NIN
star_summit sAINT x Marilyn Manson
stormbringer986 Down with the Sickness x Disturbed
rejects The Church of Hot Addiction x Cobra Starship
the_lady_lamb How to Love x Miyavi
tsuyosaoboetai Me Against the Music x Britney Spears & Madonna
yoai_freak Jimmy Neutron Theme REMIX x Bowling For Soup
aradiantsun Two of Hearts x Stacy Q
zanypomegranate Poison x Groove Coverage

If you want any song(s), please comment and ask~ ♥