July 14th, 2007

{ dane cook } god blesseth


I really wish I had the guts to write about my life in this journal like synthetyk does. My friend Kaleigh told me if I talked about it, in my personal space, people would find out how much of an emo faggot I really am and no one would want to talk to me anymore. Fuck that shit. I'm tired of keeping a second journal to rant in. Why the fuck shouldn't I be able to rant in my own journal? IT'S MINE. I got it when I was 11 or 12. And hopefully I'll change the username someday. Anyone have ten bucks you'd like to transfer to my paypal account? Anyone? I have five saved. >__>;


Enough LJ wank.

Speaking of Kaleigh, I had sex with her. I'm amazingly open about who I fuck, apparently. I seme'd, go figure. She's not as emotionally mature as me though, so.. I guess it works. But it's funny, really. I've fucked her boyfriend too. Granted, she was there and it was a technical threesome, but whatever. Sex calms me down. It's strange. Not addictive. Just... calming.

I've been really.. messed up lately. Sleeping all day, I haven't been able to draw, and I've only been able to write fucked up stuff. I miss Cassie. I miss laying in bed with her and her telling me everything is going to be okay. I miss laughing over fucking retarded stuff, just because of the way she says it makes it sound funny. I hate that I like her so much. I hate that Kaleigh only reminds me every two seconds Cassie's gonna break my heart. I know she will. But for right now, can I be happy? Please? Bitch. >|

I'm so worried about Stacie and Lily.


I should go sleep.