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OMG ;_; I just watched 8 and a half hours of Naruto straight on Cartoon Network and recorded every single minute and i'm so fucking depressed. I'm going to have nightmares about that black haired beauty forever. I actually doesn't mean Sasuke, I mean Haku, have you seen a picture of him without that tracker mask on? He's so much more beautiful than any anime girl I have ever seen! And we're all pretty sure he's a guy (though it's very questionable especially in the manga) but i'm going to dream about him saying "...Morgan...kill me" O_O. During the episode "Sharingan Shatters" where Sasuke 'dies' and Sakura has this terrible scream in the end I had a panic attack...again. I do that every time I see that episode, it's so...nyah! But also, in that episode the SasuNaru thing is taken to immense levels. And now I;m off to go read some fluffy Zabuzah/Haku to clear my sobbing mind. But that's in a minute, I have to say a few more things. I baked lots of cookies today, but the amount of flour was way off in the first attempt so I had to redo it, then in the second one mom's mixer went completly crazy and the entire kitchen was coated in flour and egg, the third time I got it ingrediants and stuff right but I had to keep the dough in the fridge another hour and a half because it was so sticky. However once they baked and stuff they were wonderful n_n! Anyways, today is the last day of 2005. Hello new year, I hope it wont be as painful as the last one. To all the people who made my life hell, well, if you have any thought it your mind you may have hurt me, imagine it times ten. I'll just leave it at that.
Tags: cartoon network pwns, haku, naruto, naruto dub, new years, sasuke, sasunaru, time to get drunk, yaey :3, zabuza

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